Tangible result: the collaborative aesthetic guide of 12 artworks

The international target groups analyse the artistic characteristics and beauty canons of 12 artworks from the 3 local museums to generate a collaborative virtual aesthetic guide that should be uploaded to the wiki.

Each artwork will be analysed in a mini website (with smore) providing the following information:

Written fact sheet in English with the following details: title, artist, technique, period, school and style

Written description of the artwork's subject in English

Written and oral analysis in English and mother languages of the analysed artwork´s beauty canons

Written and oral comparison in English and mother languages between the analysed artwork´s beauty canons and those ones in use in our society

(Activity connected with the results of project objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


Artworks in the Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao

The rape of Europe by Martin de Vos

Satyr playing the flute,by Jacob Jordaens

Diana by Ricardo Arrúe

The Death of Orpheus by Nemesio Mogrobejo

Hero and Leander by Nemesio Mogrobejo

Apollo vanquishes Pan

Homage to Giambologna

Venus of poetry

Artemis the hunter

Hermes with winged petasos

Thundering Zeus

Athena with owl

Mediterranean Venus

Artworks in the royal museum of Mariemont (Belgium)

Venus of Kortrijk

Cycladic Idol

Ares Somzée

Bérénice II

Mater of Bavay - Look for 'Mater'


Stèle of Socratè


Buste d'une femme - Look for 'Rousseau'

Girl with mirror

Artworks in the Brera Pinacoteca of Milano

Napoleon as Mars the Peacemaker

Venus and Cupid with two satyrs in a landscape

The portrait of Andrea Doria as Neptune

The death of Adonis

Venus in forge of Vulcano

Analysed artworks for the Aesthetic Guide

Venus and Cupid with two satyrs in a landscape
Cycladic idol (Musée Royal de Mariemont)
Ares Somzée (Musée Royal de Mariemont)
Athena with owl
Thundering Zeus
Homage to Giambologna by Jesús Mari Lazkano (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
The Rape of Europe by Martin de Vos (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Venus of Poetry (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Satyr playing the flute (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
The death of Orpheus (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Artemis the hunter (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Hermes with winged petasos (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Apollo vanquishes Pan (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Hero and Leander (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao)
Diana (Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao
Venus of Poetry
Venus of Kortrijk